Virt-manager no longer passes through super key

Just upgraded to Fedora Workstation 37, but virt-manager now no longer passes the Super Key through to the VM. It still works correctly when connecting with virt-viewer albeit virt-viewer does ask about “allow inhibiting shortcuts” (which I do); I seem to remember virt-manager doing this previously, but now no longer does. A clue? How to get virt-manager to see the super key again?

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With my Fedora 37, upgrade to latest with “dnf update”, rebooted.

I am having the same issue as yours.

Sounds like one of you should file a bug (if bug report not yet existing).

Good idea. #2143323


As of now, after updating F37 with sudo dnf upgrade . Super Key works (pass to VM Guest instead of to Host)

Sorry, not for me. The host is Silverblue in this case, running gnome-shell 43.3 if that makes any difference. Reading the other bug report #2144172 and following all the links it seems it should be working for me. I think I’ll wait until Fedora 38 is GA and try again.

Please share your ‘rpm-ostree status’ output with us.

I am running Silverblue 38 at the moment before Beta released. Almost update daily. And meta key pass through is not an issue so far.