Very slow wifi Fedora 33

I am not sure if the problem appeared after iupgrading fedora 33 or kernel 5.10 (not sure about), but on my laptop the wifi speed dropped down suddenly.
While in windows my connection rates are in the range of 500 to 600 Mbps Down and 100 to 104 Mbps up, in fedora 33 such rates are 80 Mbps down and 10Mbps up. Even kdeconnect transfer speed slowed down consistently.
The wireless card is an intel 9560 AC, while the laptop is an HP Spectre x360-15.
Any suggestion?
Thank you all

Try to boot an older kernel to see if you get the same speed.

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Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately I currently have only a laptop to play with, so tests are not easy to implement. So I decided to launch a Fedora 32 live disk to see the defect was still present and, with my surprise. it was. Things were a bit different as I got a full upload speed *104 Mbit per second while I got only 100 Mbit/s in download. Windows gives me 620Mbit/s in download and 104 in upload. Fedora 33 gives me 420 Mbit in download and only 15Mbit in upload. At this point I can not address the problem to Kernel. Probably there is a wrong setting somewhere in fedora 33. Can anybody suggest a method to indivituate it?