Low upload speed (WiFi) after first update

Hello, I’m having a little problem with my upload speed.

I normally get 250/150 MBPS in speedtests, this is how much my ISP gives me.
But when using fedora this changes drastically.
After a fresh install the first tests did ok, normal speeds, but when I install system updates my download speed simply breaks.
here you are some results after the update process:

     Latency:    26.55 ms   (0.95 ms jitter)
   Download:   285.19 Mbps (data used: 312.6 MB)                               
     Upload:    14.25 Mbps (data used: 27.8 MB)                               
Packet Loss:     0.0%

Latency:    27.38 ms   (0.65 ms jitter)
   Download:   285.28 Mbps (data used: 329.3 MB)                               
     Upload:     1.94 Mbps (data used: 6.8 MB)                               
Packet Loss:     0.0%

As you can see my upload speed just drops too much,
I’ve tested fedora default with gnome and now using kde spin, same results.
Tested in windows and pop os! and this doesn’t happen at all, just in fedora.

Anyone knows what could cause this?

Which kernel version do you have? (uname -a from a command prompt).

Im using this version:

@localhost ~]$ uname -a
    Linux localhost.localdomain 5.10.9-201.fc33.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Jan 20 16:56:23 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I was going to suggest trying to update to that as a first thing, so, so much for that idea. :slight_smile:

The next thing I would do is press a key at boot-up time to bring up the boot menu and select an older kernel and see if that solves it. That’s the most likely place for a regression. What wifi adapter is it?

Wifi adapter is the AC? the hardware? I’m using a Asus RT-AC59U

No, I mean the card in your computer. (I’m assuming wifi, but I guess ethernet if it’s wired!)

is this the information that we’re looking for?

00:14.3 Network controller: Intel Corporation Comet Lake PCH-LP CNVi WiFi


Yes. Personally this isn’t my area of expertise but having this information here will help someone else be able to help you!

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Great, anyway thank you for the help :smile: