Verifying (and installing) an old kernel (f37) from Koji

Hello all,

I want to download this kernel ( and install it because I believe with subsequent updates support for my Lenovo docking station and other stuff was dropped in some way. I may be wrong, but I want to try.

How can I verify my download from Koji? The SIGMD5 is supplied, but it matches none of my downloads’ md5sum, and I don’t think my downloads were modified by someone in the middle…

I have also recently installed Fedora 38 and don’t even know if I can install the kernel package built for f37. But that I will see when I have verified… :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to :fedora:

The SIGMD5 is the MD5 digest of the combined header and payload contents. You can query it by rpmkeys -Kv foo.rpm

You can also print the values for the packages by doing something like:
rpm -q --queryformat='%{NAME} %{SIGMD5}\n' *.rpm

more info: