Are intermediate versions of kernel packages kept somewhere

I would like to install kernel 5.18.17 which I believe was the last one of 5.18 series. Is it possible to do it with dnf, or have to be downloaded manually?
And how to install it then to be the fourth kernel, so I can boot into if I like?

sudo dnf list kernel-c* shows what you have installed and available is.

Manually installing kernels you can find here:

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Yes I know I have 18.10, 18.11 and 19.6, but would like to add 18.17, so I’m not sure where to get it as it is not listed as possible candidate for install, and I think repositories also don’t keep any older ones. just the last one

The link @ilikelinux provided was the koji builds for the kernel package where they could be downloaded manually.

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Thanks @grumpey I’ve overlooked the link.
Do you know how to install from files, just standard dnf says later version already installed