How to perform a package update/upgrade with a downgraded kernel version?

I finally moved from Fedora 30 to Fedora 31, but the issues I had in topic
Black background after kernel update still remain with kernel versions 5.6.x (currently with kernel version 5.6.15 to be exact).

I managed to install kernel-5.5.16-200.fc31.x86_64 (with kernel-core, kernel-modules and kernel-devel) from which was also my last and good working kernel version in Fedora 30.
Not sure what has changed by updating to Fedora 31, but unfortunately there are sometimes artifacts with icons in the menu bar and around the edges of the windows, etc.
However, it is still better than a completely black desktop with only a visible mouse pointer and where you have to guess where your window is.
I can live with these minor artifacts. So from now on I continue to start my system with kernel version 5.5.16.

If I check for updates with this kernel version I get the following at end of the available updates:

Security: kernel-core-5.6.15-200.fc31.x86_64 is an installed security update
Security: kernel-core-5.5.16-200.fc31.x86_64 is the currently running version

What should I do? Or what is preferred?

  1. Ignore the warning and perform the update, or
  2. First remove with dnf version 5.6.15 and then perform the update, or
  3. Perform the updates in version 5.6.15 and remove this version afterwards.

Additional questions:

  • Is there a way to tell dnf that it only should present kernel updates from version 5.5.x and not from version 5.6.x?
  • Or should I move to kernel version 5.4.x (which is maintained until December 2025)?
  • Or try my luck with kernel version 5.7.x which has been released a few days ago?

I’d try the 5.7.x and see what happens. Fedora usually keeps 3 versions of the kernel. If 5.7.x fails, you can revert.

could this be an option:

sudo dnf upgrade --exclude=kernel-core

That I have increased by increasing the number of installonly_limit=3 in file /etc/ dnf/dnf.conf

To which question is that an answer to?
My main concern is if I can upgrade my packages with this security warning (questions 1 to 3).


If you are seeing an updated kernel package in an authentic Fedora repository, its not a bad thing! You will never know if the update solves your problem until you try it.

I believe I was not very clear. I was presented other updated packages and not kernel updates. I got the security warnings when I wanted to update the ‘regular’ packages like nss, selinux, firefox, etc.

Eventually I opted for doing question 3, but did not remove the kernel version 5.6.15 afterwards yet. Because I found out that the workaround I used with Fedora 30 also works with Fedora 31.

True, but I wanted first an expert opinion before I proceed.
Do you know by any chance from which repo I can get the 5.7.x kernel versions and how to add a repo from Koji? It would be more efficient than downloading the rpm files from Koji and install with dnf.

Koji builds eventually arrive at the regular repos IIRC – especially fedora-testing. So If you want to be testing/running future packages, all you need is to enable the fedora-testing repository on your machine. Otherwise, you may be asking for the Rawhide edition.

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