Mini Guide to Installing an Older Kernel Version

Hi all, wanted to document my steps on how to install an older kernel version, with support for proprietary nvidia drivers. Mostly for my own future reference, but it might be useful for others as well.


I’ve been stuck on kernel version 6.3.12 since 6.4.4 onwards was not working well for me. I had increased the dnf installonly_limit to 5, the recent 6.4.9 release was the 5th update. Despite reading that updates will never remove an active kernel, 6.3.12 was deleted and I had to figure out how to get it back.

  1. Remove unneeded kernels
    Also has guide to edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

  2. Download and Install older kernel version

In addition to


I also needed these for the next step.

  1. Build Nvidia drivers for older kernel
    sudo akmods to trigger akmods to build nvidia drivers for the freshly installed older kernel.
    Full credits to 6.4.4 nvidia driver 535.54.03 doesnt work after kernel update - #3 by computersavvy