Roll back to previous kernel no longer in rpm list

HI, I have a power issue which is broken in latest kernels in F40 that I have not found a fix for yet so I would like to roll back to a kernel about 6-8 versions back eg. 6.8 to 6.1/6.2 or the original that F40 had which worked fine.

Is there a procedure to do so?

Also, the same issue is in F38. The thought was to upgrade in case the issues were fixed, but it did not happen so now want to roll back to kernel 6-8 versions previous.

Thanks, I installed kernel 6.6.0-61.fc40 from koji and all the problems with bluetooth and freezing up when undocked have disappeared. As a precaution I have version locked the working kernel.

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You may also want to report a bug against kernel.