VBox guest - dead after latest update

Great Job Fedora! VM is dead after the latest ‘dnf update’…

Snaps, flatpaks, junk like this. I might as well quit fooling with Linux at all. It used to be far superior to Windows. Can’t say that anymore. I DO know what I’m saying. I’ve been a professional UNIX, Linux, *BSD developer for almost 25 years. Oracle’s purchase of Sun Microsystems and the “Solaris” marks the beginning of the down-turn. Should have jumped to Mac at that point I guess. One thing for sure. RH/Fedora/CentOS is off the menu in the interim. This is unacceptable - even to a non-professional.

Happy New Year

You can try to boot an older kernel and disable secure boot for the guest at least until the issue with signature verification is resolved.
In a long term, I recommend migrating to QEMU/KVM+libvirt as a more stable and reliable virtualization solution.

This may be related to the common issue here since the kernel module for VirtualBox is a 3rd party module.

If it is then following the steps in the workaround there should fix it.
The package name to remove would be kmod-VirtualBox-6.6.8-200.fc39.x86_64 if you are using the 6.6.8 kernel, or replace the kernel version with whatever kernel you are actually running. Then rebuild that module with the sudo akmods --force as shown in the workaround and VB should be back to functional after a reboot.

The vboxguest module is normally provided by the kernel project, but it seems that vboxguesthas tainted the kernel, which means that this module is not the fedora provided version.

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Yes, it seems Ranty conflatulated a few things as neither snaps nor VirtualBox are “RH/Fedora/CentOS” and Oracle lives somewhere else.
QEMU/KVM+libvirt is the best recommendation on Fedora. With everything else you get the “third part experience” that you asked (VMware resp. Oracle) for.

Yep. I know it. I was just frustrated and blowing off steam. Not fair to you guys/gals at all. Please accept my sincere apology for my inappropriate remarks.

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It’s alive! What a fiasco though.

Grateful for everyone’s input. Humble apologies for blowing off steam. None of you deserved that.

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Sometimes, that’s what friends are for :slight_smile: