Black Screen After KDE6 Update

After updating to F40, my user login screen does not show after entering my encrypted passphrase. The screen is completely black, & I can only see and use my mouse on the black screen.

How can I fix this?

Can you check:


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Hi, thanks for showing me this. Unfortunately, none of the commands seemed to work for me. I have followed all the steps properly & nothing foxed the problem.

If this helps, the text I see before doing CTRL+ALT+12 says something like ‘failed to start vboxdrv.service’. Does this mean anything relevant?

Can you post
journalctl -b -p5 --no-pager
journalctl -u vboxdrv.service

you may want to try rebuilding it:
sudo dnf remove kmod-VirtualBox-$(uname -r)
sudo akmods --force

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With the first 2 commands, I ran them but there is way too much for me to post from their outputs.

sudo dnf remove kmod-VirtualBox-$(uname -r)

States that ‘No packages marked for removal.’

But sudo akmods --force says that the kmods does exist for 6.8.7-300.fc40.x86_64

systemctl status vboxdrv.service

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Sorry I wasnt able to paste it in text form, you able to make it out in the image?

dnf list installed \*nvidia\*
lspci -k | grep -i vga -A3
inxi -G

It states:

grep: inxi: no such file or directory


dnf list: error: unrecognized arguments: -k

You may need to install it inxi.

the -k option was for lspci not for dnf

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@simplesimon From that command line, can you go ahead and do a dnf -y update if there is an update to virtualbox it should come in and also rebuild the module.

Unfortunately there seemed to be no update to virtualbox. Is there a way to remount it to fix the problem?

The error does not seem to be related to the nvidia drivers but rather to the vboxdrv.service which loads the virtualbox driver.

Please post the output of dnf list installed kmod-*

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, i’ve gotten:




what happens if you disable vboxdrv?
systemctl disable vboxdrv.service

Did you have virtual box installed at some point?

Just a hunch, but can You try a different kernel. Boot into a kernel that VirtualBox was already on.

Shutdown the machine, and from the Grub menu choose a different kernel. If it works, stay on that kernel until VirtualBox releases a update.

Note : This will alway happen with VirtualBox, as fara as I can remember this has been the case, maybe consider using a better supported VM solution like Cockpit or Virt Manager in the future. Or don’t update your machine as often and be sure both your GPU driver and VirtualBox kernel updates come through together. (much harder to do)

This is an issue.
The second was locally compiled and the other is for use only on RHEL and CentOS.

I suggest you remove the kmod-nvidia package so it does not conflict with the one that is locally compiled.
The note at rpmfusion says
sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia # rhel/centos users can use kmod-nvidia instead

As far as the issue with vboxdrv.
If you are not using VB then remove it and the error will disappear. If using it then care must be taken to ensure the module is properly compiled. Since it did not appear in your post above I wonder why the service is even installed.
Please show us the result of dnf list installed virtualbox. If that returns something like this

$ dnf list installed virtualbox
Installed Packages
VirtualBox.x86_64                                           7.0.16-1.fc40                                            @rpmfusion-free

then it should automatically be updated with new kernels. If it was installed directly from Oracle then the update is different.