Using Telegram flatpak with Tor proxy

Hi, I am trying to use Telegram flatpak with a proxy setup (Tor) on Fedora.
Telegram isn’t connecting to Tor and the reason I am trying to use Telegram in the first place is that many groups I want to join or need to contact for support.

I have never done that but it is totally my thinking that is in telegram as far as i know it is not a good massanger when privacy is your need and i think there is no need to connect telegram with tor coz while registering to it asks for phone no and in our world mozt of the countries ask for somekind of verification like social security no or permanent address proof
So if you want something better use anything from matrix.

As I said I am trying to enter a certain support group which can be accessed using Telegram and I have a temporary phone number, no worries there I am well aware of the privacy concers.