Using multiple command-line terminals (tty 1-5) on a m1 macbook air

I’m running fedora through a VM called UTM. It’s running just fine but I’m taking a class that requires me to use multiple command-line terminals. I’m aware that usually ctrl + alt + f1-5 will bring up one on windows machines. On mac I tried command + option + f1-5 and other variations with no luck. Am I missing something obvious? I’m using the latest stable work station fedora edition with a m1 macbook air running the latest MacOS.

Ouch, that is probably emulation, not virtualization in that case.

Either way, your VM client may not be capturing the keypresses. Does it have menus or something that allows it to send key combinations?

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Multiple command line terminals does not necessarily mean the bare terminal on the console as you get with ctrl-alt-f2-6 on linux. In fact I doubt that you can do so on a VM since that would likely get interpreted by the host and get you a console there and not on the VM.

A virtual terminal window is actually a command line terminal so just the virtual terminal window should work. You can open multiple windows or just multiple tabs in the same window.


Do you know if the keystrokes are being captured by the host OS, or are they being sent to the VM (but not the keys you expected)?

It might just be a matter of adding Fn to your key combo — also true of the default setup on many PC laptops these days, where the key defaults to doing the icon function instead of sending the F-key. (See How to use the function keys on your Mac - Apple Support .)


@mattdm Thanks for the reply, this seems like more of a UTM issue. I tried on parallels and it worked just fine. UTM is capturing my cursor and locking it to the window when I press control + option, going to try asking them about this instead.

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You can use this on the guest as a workaround:

sudo chvt 1

However be aware this is a problem of the hypervisor front-end, not Fedora specific.
So, it is best to ask on the relevant support channel.

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