Using composefs with OSTree

Hi everyone!
I used

ostree config --repo=/ostree/repo set ex-integrity.composefs true

but now on every command I receive this kind of error every time when I use ostree or rpm-ostree

ostree config --repo=/ostree/repo set ex-integrity.composefs false
error: opening repo: composefs required, but libostree compiled without support

Is there any way to fix it? I am new to immutable Fedora

Fixed by

git clone
cd ostree
g checkout v2023.1
sudo dnf install e2fsprogs-devel-1.46.5-4.fc38.x86_64 fuse-devel-2.9.9-16.fc38.x86_64 gpgme-devel-1.17.1-3.fc38.x86_64 e2fsprogs bison  and something else
./configure --with-composefs
sudo make install
sudo ./ostree/ostree config --repo=/ostree/repo set ex-integrity.composefs false

Support is under development. Please follow ex-integrity.composefs: Tracking issue · Issue #2867 · ostreedev/ostree · GitHub

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