USB NEO Webcam usage?

Hi there,
well I found a old USB webcam I had used before. I wanted to try using it on Fedora but I am not sure if the device is detected by the system. It’s old but it seems it in working conditions , there are no visible damage to it. Furthermore, I do have a mini cd which can be used to install the software needed to use it but it’s for Windows only. How can I try using the device on Fedora ?

Plug it in and try accessing with software that can use your camera like VLC or Zoom.

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I think the easiest way is to test with cheese
To check if drivers are listed you can also do with inxi -Fzx


Tried using cheese but no devices where detected and I have an integrated cam as well. I did check the drivers and they ahve detected the said webcam.
I used VLC and got this stream and figured out the webcam , does detect light but that’s all. Am I doing something wrong or the webcam just needs fixing ?

You said you have an integrated cam. Does that one work? or no? It easily could be the older usb cam is not working, or using the wrong driver, or ?

Yes it’s a working one, I just wanted to try-out the older usb cam. The thing is that I do have the mini cd used to install the drive but there’s not much info written on it so I can identify the proper drive needed.

check what chipset is powering that USB cam, check if the driver is included in the kernel. if not, check if the manufacturer provides a driver/ kernel module.

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This is the available information on the device :
Device-3: Pixart Imaging Q-TEC WEBCAM 100 type: USB driver: pac207 bus-ID: 2-2:11
The said driver isn’t included in the kernal.I would appreciate help with trying to install the said driver.

Have a look at [SOLVED] Trying to load driver for Pixart Imaging, Q-TEC WEBCAM 100 / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums

gspca seems to be the right driver for that thing.


lsmod | grep gspca
sudo modprobe -a gspca_main gspca_pac207
lsmod | grep gspca
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Thank you the usb webcam is actually working so that’s great, thank you everybody once again.