Upgraded SB 32 to SB 33, old toolboxes don't start

Upgraded 32 to 33 using software center.

None of my previously created toolboxes are able to start with toolbox enter; they all return Error: failed to start container fedora-toolbox-32

podman start --attach fedora-toolbox-32 returns setrlimit RLIMIT_NPROC: Operation not permitted: OCI runtime permission denied error

Containers were mostly created around June/July, I don’t think I can tell what version of toolbox/podman was in use.

Newly created toolboxes work fine

Is it safe to conclude that this is https://github.com/containers/toolbox/issues/500, and I should just ditch the old toolboxes?

update: managed to work around by:

  • Rolling back to f32
  • committing the containers to new images
  • rolling forward again
  • creating new toolboxes from the saved containers

i.e. this procedure, without the tar step: https://fedoramagazine.org/backup-and-restore-toolboxes-with-podman/

Will leave this here in case anyone else (like me) comes searching.

New year’s resolution is to maintain scripts for these toolboxes, rather than relying on the above procedure.

Hello @gcdotd,
Welcome to the discussion forum. I am glad to see you were able to resolve your issue with toolbox containers.