Cannot enter toolbox after upgrading to Fedora 35.20220415.0

After upgrading Fedora 35 Silverblue from 35.20220123.0 to 35.20220415.0, I can no longer enter a toolbox from the fedora-toolbox:35 image. I was able to verify that I’m using the latest toolbox image (sha 09cc3fe0e1d0) and the following versions of the toolchain:

$ toolbox --version
toolbox version
$ podman version
Version:      3.4.4
API Version:  3.4.4
Go Version:   go1.16.8
Built:        Wed Dec  8 16:45:07 2021
OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

The toolbox creates normally, however when entering the container I get the “Error: failed to start container” message.

Update: Trying to start the container manually with podman, I get a permission denied error from conmon:

Error: unable to start container "83d0d2106b88e740a754fb1393d5768012d8eb4c1795962cdddbea2feb5160ae": fork/exec /usr/bin/conmon: permission denied

Please file a bugs upstream: GitHub - coreos/toolbox: bring your tools with you