Updating the communicating and getting help wiki page

Hi everyone,

I noticed that this very important wiki page has been marked as “old”, and the admon says that it may be removed in the future:

What can we do to ensure that it remains up to date? Should it be moved to docs somewhere?


+1 to that! I’m not sure where, exactly, but somewhere prominent.


Somewhere near here perhaps on a separate page perhaps (or separate pages for lists/irc/forums/telegram/etc)?

Yeah, I like the idea of it being a page (or pages?) in the project section. It’d be nice to link to it from the front of the docs home page in the top section with the release-specific and edition-specific docs. Or maybe in the header for all docs pages. What do you think of that @pbokoc?

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Hmmm, turns out one of the other pages under Project already is a placeholder for the Wiki article: Untitled :: Fedora Docs. I opened an issue for the conversion here: Issue #101: Convert the Communicating and Getting Help Wiki page - council-docs - Pagure.io

I like the idea of putting a link to this page in the header or footer; this is one of the bits of info relevant to pretty much anyone no matter what section of our docs they’re reading, so it would be nice to have this automatically displayed on every page in some unobtrusive manner. Putting it in the header would be better for visibility, because the footer is hidden until you scroll down, but I’m not sure how it would look.

Either way it’s going to require updating the UI bundle, though, and that’s currently complicated. It’ll get much easier once we deploy docs CI/CD (it’s one of the requirements). The issue for that is here: Issue #48: Consider linking to the project help page in either header or footer - fedora-docs-ui - Pagure.io