Updating Issue

I was trying to run updates this morning on my fedora lxc machines and they all are returning 404 errors. This is only effecting my LXC machine as my kvm Fedora Server is able to update with no issues.
Here is the output from one of my LXC machines:
[XX@XX XX]$ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 37 (Thirty Seven)
[XX@XX XX]$ sudo dnf update
Fedora 37 - x86_64 - Updates 28 kB/s | 8.1 kB 00:00
Fedora 37 - x86_64 - Updates 450 kB/s | 442 kB 00:00
Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘updates’:

I’m in Nova Scotia. Major wildfires here have affected internet. Nova Scotia is a landing point for transatlantic cables, so there may be unusually large lags for data crossing the pond. Now
(11 am ADT):

Index of /fedora/linux/updates/37/Everything/x86_64/repodata/

0693d7abf0ff35986db4404b2858b5968c54411b79725c0..> 30-May-2023 00:26     32M
0e1a182a7515d763e2e1b89497ab479e1f7d5d6cab75888..> 30-May-2023 00:26    488K
3b56a00f6b6bab47ba0ad6055087e112414ffea281cf531..> 30-May-2023 00:26      5M
419bd8cfd1b64ace4a15324036164511f0900a07fb6f2f1..> 30-May-2023 00:27     22K
47bebb9a68b5b30e1c4e7f926a685435420c87aa93e1c5e..> 30-May-2023 01:03      2M
51a76e6a019438b237355a136e4abcfe6c356983fe32ca0..> 30-May-2023 00:26      3M
68f4c42194f0a1eafd713feee2719bdeb3160135aefd71b..> 30-May-2023 00:26      7M
847f8e40ede008b14acbbdfaab313eca4af440ce36e8fb2..> 30-May-2023 00:26      3M
91c0c980b8b625bd776932c25ff909f004657157564bce5..> 30-May-2023 00:25      2M
9b7ec829af739da9d4f473e6a985e3f6adf4f8338844aba..> 30-May-2023 00:26      7M
a77cd73941081910d6ec2dfcba9012aef0e0a502109d4b7..> 30-May-2023 00:27    7313
afccf07604784d16b43e9801bf30185a8c7884c0b4f7ed2..> 30-May-2023 00:26    441K
e1b13fa0cc44bd915e5ed2d469fdcae4c92f7614e19dce3..> 30-May-2023 01:03      2M
f2d473dac9fd82359d9407743c8a447adb86764e63d2901..> 30-May-2023 00:26     14M
f7ff1003c3c694803535366215e8073788cdff266985824..> 30-May-2023 00:26     26M
fd14e91b6600c5b2c2a8e9fba1f2aca1b2c8cf14a492d54..> 30-May-2023 00:26     29M
repomd.xml                                         30-May-2023 01:03    8313

Most often the 404 errors are simply caused by network problems, and most are beyond the users control. If other internet things are working then it is definitely beyond the users control.

Waiting some time then trying again should work. If the problem remains after a few days then it may be worth tracking down.

The actual break point may be identified with traceroute mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca

For me that host is accessible right now.

Ok, thank you. it has started working for me now.

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