Updated to Plasma 6.1, krdp missing

I just updated Fedora and seen Plasma 6.1, so I searched for Remote Desktop in the settings, as announced in KDE blog, but the function wasn’t there.
I installed krdp-server package and then the functionality appeared in settings.

Is this normal? Shouldn’t be added in the upgrade in some way?
I’d like to understand better this process in Fedora.

Thanks in advance

Some people will not want rdp feature installed at all, so it is optional.
So, no, it should not have been installed by an update.

Those people won’t ever know of this feature because it’s completely hidden!

There are 10,000’s of packages that you could install, but are not installed by default.
Its a judgment call what should be installed by default and what should wait for a user’s

I would have thought that it was discoverable that remote desktop is supported by kde plasma to lead a user to install and configure what is required.


krdp should be installed by default on Fedora 41.

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