Update Plasma to 5.23 and Kinoite status

Hi !

First of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Fedora Community for the effort and knowledge that have going into releasing Fedora 35.

I read, that the Fedora Kinoite will receive official status from the Fedora 35 release. However, unfortunately, I could not find it on the getfedora.org . Does this mean that Kinoit has not yet received an official status?

In Fedora 35 is Plasma 5.22.5 to present. Is it known when can be possible to updated Plasma to 5.23 from the official repositories of Fedora?

thank and again very thanks to the Fedora Community for the thorough and amazing work, that we all see in Fedora 35

It is here.


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Thank you very much for your ansver.

I have seen this website. I thought that if Kinoite is not represented on the main site near to Silverblue, then Kinoite has not yet received an official status.

According to fedora magazine it is official

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Yes, thank you very much, I read this text.

I also found a link to Fedor Kinoite on the page of Fedor Silverblue. Based on these two things, I considered that Kinoite has received the status of an official release.

This is just the beginning and, of course, it is not yet as well manifested as the other, early versions. Let’s hope that the Kinoite will continue to develop in this direction as well.

Kinoite maintainer here. Fedora Kinoite is official starting with Fedora 35. Note that the Kinoite website is under the official fedoraproject.org domain name.

I thank you for your attention to this post !

For a month now i have been proceeding from, that Fedora Kinoite is the official edition (after I have seen link to Fedora Kinoite on the page of Fedora Silverblue).

I have rebased my machines to Fedora Kinoite, and now i am actively using it and in parallel research it, trying to be useful from my side.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to use Fedora Silverblue technologies with KDE !