Release Date for F36 Silverblue and Kinoite?

I know v 36 of Fedora Workstation is out today. I was expecting the Silverblue and Kinoite releases to follow suit. Is this not the case?

If I upgrade either to the 36 Silverblue Beta will I automatically upgrade to the final release?

I hope the final version is imminent!


You can check if the branch is available with this command :
ostree remote refs fedora. When I do this I see both as options:


I usually switch to these pretty early once they exist and rpm-ostree update as normal. I don’t think there is anything special you have to do once the release is official.

That being said it would be cool if there was a way to tell if the branch was “released”. I haven’t had any issues and just avoid rawhide but it would still be cool.

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It’s in the mirror. The website hasn’t updated yet.

It also never dawned on me to check the mirrors, I also usually wait for the announcement on the Silverblue homepage. If you live on the eastern side of US then here is a mirror from the great and trustworthy NC State University :wolf: :waning_gibbous_moon:

Alright, I just upgraded and I think I can see why perhaps Silverblue hasn’t been announced yet. If you look all the Flatpaks are based on the F35 runtime and the GNOME apps particularly are all 41. Probably want to get those updated as well for the complete experience before announcing.

flatpak list --all 
Name                        Application ID                        Version         Branch         Installation
Fedora Media Writer         org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter         4.2.2           stable         system
Fedora Platform             org.fedoraproject.Platform            35              f35            system
GNOME Calculator            org.gnome.Calculator                  41.0            stable         system
Calendar                    org.gnome.Calendar                    41.1            stable         system
GNOME Characters            org.gnome.Characters                  41.0            stable         system
Connections                 org.gnome.Connections                 41.2            stable         system
Contacts                    org.gnome.Contacts                    41.0            stable         system
Evince                      org.gnome.Evince                      41.3            stable         system
Extensions                  org.gnome.Extensions                  41.rc           stable         system
GNOME Logs                  org.gnome.Logs                        3.34.0          stable         system
GNOME Maps                  org.gnome.Maps                        41.4            stable         system
Sushi                       org.gnome.NautilusPreviewer           41.0            stable         system
Text Editor                 org.gnome.TextEditor                  41.1            stable         system
Weather                     org.gnome.Weather                     41.0            stable         system
Disk Usage Analyzer         org.gnome.baobab                      41.0            stable         system
GNOME Clocks                org.gnome.clocks                      41.0            stable         system
Eye of GNOME                org.gnome.eog                         41.1            stable         system
GNOME Fonts                 org.gnome.font-viewer                 41.0            stable         system

Here it is:

And if you need a mirror close to you:

Silverblue & Kinoite are released at the same time as the rest of Fedora. In this case we were late for website updates :slight_smile:.

For the Flatpaks update, see: [BUG] Flatpak versions of pre-installed packages trail Workstation · Issue #273 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub


Very good, glad it is documented. Not trying to be snide, but coming from a good place I hope they accept James’ offer to help. Flatpaks always being behind the RPMs is not great.

I’ve posted similarly a few times before… not trying to start a war chant, I love Fedora and want to see it be better. People were highly anticipating F36, GNOME 42, and SB has actually gotten media coverage. Offers to help package seem to go unanswered… what can we do?

I’ve replied there. We definitely welcome help from anyone to help us make Fedora better!

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Posting the links here to help folks get started:

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