Update issue in software

These 2 updates have been sitting there for a few weeks now and they never seem to do anything even when an actual update rolls out. And by that I mean you can click update/install and they won’t do anything.

I’m not real sure what they are other than something to do with flatpak…

They was showing an error before, but now they don’t do jack. The error was something about org.gnome.platform not being there.

Any idea? Thanks!

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You’re correct in that this is related to the Flatpak plugin. Try running flatpak update from a terminal, and if it doesn’t work then post the errors here. (If it does work then the problem is pretty much gone…for now.)


Heey it’s the org.gnome thing I was talking about showing up again. Lol

Error: While trying to checkout 5ee2b5827244886ac3f03a683cc0c005b83963c237e8b30a0077083e3c112bfe into /home/user/.local/share/flatpak/runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.32/.5ee2b5827244886ac3f03a683cc0c005b83963c237e8b30a0077083e3c112bfe-V61N7Z: Opening content object 3432b76db9f3df9ffb126a55624df56417c367c47d95e3f619585af51e448144: Couldn't find file object '3432b76db9f3df9ffb126a55624df56417c367c47d95e3f619585af51e448144'
Info: org.gnome.Platform.Locale was skipped

But it did make those 2 updates go away.

I had a few similar issues recently. I ended up removing and re-installing the flatpaks in question and that seemed to fix it. I wasn’t able to dig into what the issue was, unfortunately.

Ok so I did “flatpak list” to see what exactly I had installed. I do see

“GNOME Application Platform versio… org.gnome.Platform 3.32 x86_64 user”

And searching it comes up with

“runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.32 (user)”

Great! so I go to remove it so I can reinstall it and it says it’s already uninstalled??
So I do a flatpak install of it and it says it’s already installed…

So this package is in some weird limbo. Lol

What if you issue these commands?
flatpak repair --user
flatpak repair
flatpak uninstall --unused


That did it! I didn’t know flatpak had a repair command.

Thank you! I learned something.

Edit: I can’t mark the 2 post that were both solutions… boooo lol


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