Problems Updating Flatpak Via Terminal: org.kde.Platform

Hello, everyone.

This popped up for me out of the blue, while performing my regular Flatpak system update:

2. [✗] org.kde.Platform                          5.15             u            flathub             1,1 kB / 371,8 MB

Error: Al intentar revisar 8973d6ea4c62aadf560a03e1ac79d9bf262646b374ae3caf3484b0bbc189939a en /var/lib/flatpak/runtime/org.kde.Platform/x86_64/5.15/.8973d6ea4c62aadf560a03e1ac79d9bf262646b374ae3caf3484b0bbc189939a-224EE1: Opening content object 165aff650e7007a1f7b6651a0a902c7c64b7fb84970e1e1bb829c09d4b0dbd54: Couldn't find file object '165aff650e7007a1f7b6651a0a902c7c64b7fb84970e1e1bb829c09d4b0dbd54'

I don’t know what it is or what it means. Could someone enlighten me or explain what’s going on?


P.S.: this problem/message also appears using Discover.

sudo flatpak repair & flatpak repair --usershould resolve this.

if you have a internet blip, sometimes these things happen.

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If after what suggested by @hamrheadcorvette your still failed to install the *.Platform packages, your can try by using sudo flatpak install org.kde.Platform.

Use only sudo flatpak install if you’re having trouble installing any packages that have name Platform.

My understanding, it’s need sudo because the Platform packages need to access certain resources from your system.

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Thanks, man; it worked.

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