Update Fedora gnome Software or Terminal


can I also update fedora via the terminal instead of gnome software?

I read in a forum you should rather update via gnome software now I wanted to ask if that’s true because I prefer the terminal.

Fedora provides choice. You can update from the terminal. Gnome Software provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for those who don’t want to deal with terminals. Its an option. You choose

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As some people say, it is different things (dnf doesnt interact with the “appstream” thingy, G.S. does).

Preferred way is to read the docs, especially about upgrading between the Fedora versions (31 → 32 or such) with DNF.

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Thank you :smiley:

do you know if i can also install the gnome dash to dock extensions via the terminal? :sweat_smile:

DNF, Fedora-31 docs.

dnf search dash to dock
==== Name & Summary Matched: dock, to, dash

Thank you :smiley:

sorry for this perhaps stupid question :sweat_smile:

Not stupid at all – We helped, didn’t we?

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yes in any case thank you very much now i am ready to explore fedora :smiley:

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:love_letter: Only OS updates will show :nasty_nasty_smile:!!!