Update all software automatically


I like having the most updated software for my computer, so every time I start using it I run the code

sudo dnf update

before I start working. Is there any way to make Fedora automatically update all software on a daily basis.




why doesn’t Fedora make this functionality available on gnome software? it makes sense to have option for automatic updating without having to install anything

You lean something new every days. Thank you.

To be fair only became of aware of it, the other week. Another user was having issues with systemd timer for it because the PC was asleep, all sorted now.

I personally would NOT want my system to update whenever I restart it. What if there was a large update and I was on limited bandwidth or data limits?

A couple years ago I had a windblows laptop that decided to do its (major version) update when booted. It failed the install, and then downloaded the whole thing a second time. I could not interrupt it because of the potential for hosing the machine if you interrupt an install/update. It used 95% of a 2 GB data limit on the 5th day of the month and that really sucked for the rest of the month with no data available.

I run a cron job as root that does the update automatically on MY schedule and at my choice of locations.

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Besides issues like the one touched by @computersavvy who prefers to have control over when and what gets updated, Gnome Software is totally unrelated to DNF (see maybe here), so the approach would be different.

I agree with @computersavvy, but not because it can eat up a lot of data, but especially because it can pull an update that actually breaks your system (that has happened from time to time) and then you will have to troubleshoot for quite some time to discover what was the culprit.

I always update manually and check what is going to be updated so that I’d be ready for glitches if these arrise.

There have been several posts recently that touched on what @lruzicka said.
An automatic update may gets only part of the update because the mirror used for download was not 100% synced with the master and some part of necessary software did not get updated so the app broke.
That necessitates head scratching as you try and find the problem, only to have it auto-magically fix itself at some later update.

I have seen that repeatedly even with dnf which is the most robust update/install tool I know and dnf tries to meet all dependencies before it does the update.
Gnome software has given me a lot more problems than dnf so I actually like to use the command line tool instead of the gnome gui.

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