With dnf-automatic, should I have both 'dnf-automatic-install.timer' AND 'dnf-automatic.timer' enabled?

I have recently installed dnf-automatic. I would like for dnf-automatic to download and install updates; which i think I’ve configured proberly in the conf file (/etc/dnf/automatic.conf).

However, when running systemctl list-timers, I see both:

and when i run systemctl status dnf-automatic*
I see both as active and waiting.

Is this how things should be configured?

Seems fine. Do you suspect updates not to be working?

FedoraMagazine (F-26):

Using DNF Automatic alone isn’t enough to keep your system fully updated. Remember, DNF Automatic doesn’t reload or restart services, or reboot systems. These are often critical steps in applying security updates. Don’t forget to take these steps with the systems you care about..”

readthedocs.io, about dnf-automatic:

The systemd timer unit dnf-automatic.timer will behave as the configuration file specifies (see below) with regard to whether to download and apply updates. Some other timer units are provided which override the configuration file with some standard behaviours:

  • dnf-automatic-notifyonly
  • dnf-automatic-download
  • dnf-automatic-install
PS: Your may be interested in the upgrade_type, which is mentioned in the link above.

So both dnf-automatic-install.timer AND dnf-automatic.timer should be enabled.
If i am understanding the documentation…only one should be enabled but not necessarily both

Thanks…I’ll stick with just enabling dnf-automatic-install and see how that works out