Unknown argument "config-manager" for command "dnf5"


I would like to add the repository for Brave Browser. I am following the instructions below:

sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo

sudo rpm --import https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-core.asc

sudo dnf install brave-browser brave-keyring

from: Installing Brave on Linux | Brave Browser

Executing the second command, I get:

$  sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo 
Unknown argument "config-manager" for command "dnf5". Add "--help" for more information about the arguments.

Is there other alternative command line in dnf5 for adding a repo?
Or any other alternative to do this via command line?

I have looked into adding it manually to /etc/yum.repos.d but I don’t know what to put at gpgkey= line.

As an example, from google-chrome.repo:


I would be grateful for any advice on this.



Going to: https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo take me to page with the following text:

name=Brave Browser

I created /etc/yum.repos.d/brave-browser.repo and this seems to work.

 $ sudo dnf install brave-browser
Updating and loading repositories:
 Brave Browser                                                                 100% |  12.1 KiB/s |   7.3 KiB |  00m01s
Repositories loaded.
Package                               Arch       Version                                Repository                 Size
 brave-browser                        x86_64     1.52.129-1                             brave-browser         105.7 MiB
Installing dependencies:                                                                                               
 at                                   x86_64     3.2.5-6.fc39                           fedora                131.8 KiB
 brave-keyring                        noarch     1.13-1                                 brave-browser          14.6 KiB
 liberation-fonts                     noarch     1:2.1.5-4.fc38                         fedora                  0.0   B

Transaction Summary:
 Installing:        4 packages

Total size of inbound packages is 106 MiB. Need to download 106 MiB.
After this operation 106 MiB will be used (install 106 MiB, remove 0 B).
Is this ok [Y/n]:

However, I am uncertain now if the proper gpg signing key check is done seeing that there is:


in /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo.

for dnf <5, the command should have been sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo=https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo (you missed the =).

In dnf5, the config-manager does not exist yet, see DNF config-manager Plugin · Issue #405 · rpm-software-management/dnf5 · GitHub. You need to use dnf-3 with the above command instead.


Thanks @augenauf ! That clears things up!

I copied the instructions verbatim from Brave’s Linux installation page.
It looks as if it works even without the =

sudo dnf-3 config-manager --add-repo https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo 
[sudo] password for neotux: 
Adding repo from: https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser.repo

This was the key though to resolve the issue.

Thanks again for the support!

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