Uninstall KDE group

Hi all,
I tried to remove KDE with
sudo dnf groupremove " KDE (K Desktop Environment "

And sudo dnf remove @kde-desktop

But it says plasma-desktop is protected and add --skip-broken but even with that option added it won’t remove KDE

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Can you try dnf history and undo that where you have installed that kde.

Sudo Dnf history


Sudo Dnf history undo No*

I had KDE fedora ISO to install KDE then installed Gnome and now wants to remove KDE so it doesnt show under dnf history

After the linus video i think in latest kde they have make come changes like immutable dE i don’t think it will be allowed you to do so.
I think you need to download and falsh the gnome edition here.

Some packages are “protected” because removing them will break your system. I don’t have KDE installed here, but you can see what packages are protected on your installation by looking at the files in /etc/dnf/protected/. You can also change the files there to add or remove packages. On my system, for example (Gnome Workstation):

$ ls /etc/dnf/protected.d/*
/etc/dnf/protected.d/dnf.conf             /etc/dnf/protected.d/grub2-pc.conf             /etc/dnf/protected.d/sudo.conf
/etc/dnf/protected.d/grub2-efi-ia32.conf  /etc/dnf/protected.d/grub2-tools-minimal.conf  /etc/dnf/protected.d/systemd.conf
/etc/dnf/protected.d/grub2-efi-x64.conf   /etc/dnf/protected.d/shim.conf

$ cat /etc/dnf/protected.d/*

Looks like the fedora-release-identity-kde package protects plasma-desktop:

$ sudo dnf whatprovides /etc/dnf/protected.d/*plasma*
Last metadata expiration check: 3:21:53 ago on Wed 02 Mar 2022 05:28:09 GMT.
fedora-release-identity-kde-35-36.noarch : Package providing the identity for Fedora KDE Plasma Spin
Repo        : updates
Matched from:
Filename    : /etc/dnf/protected.d/plasma-desktop.conf

Have you swapped out the release package to make your system a Gnome release, and then tried to remove KDE?

sudo dnf swap fedora-release*kde fedora-release-workstation

That will install the fedora-release-workstation packages instead of the fedora-release-*kde ones, which should remove this file protecting plasma-desktop.

Please check the transaction to remove KDE very well before going through with it, and when it completes, probably best to reinstall the workstation group too—just to ensure that the KDE removal didn’t take anything that the Gnome system needs.


Thanks a lot. It worked

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