Greetings! Can someone let me know how I can install this application? Serves to automatically hide the mouse cursor after a certain time, and its usability is via the terminal. I tried using the sudo dnf install unclutter command, but it points out errors.

dnf does not reveal that package in any of the fedora repos. A quick search reveals it may be available for arch and ubuntu style distros but I did not find it for redhat related distros.

Can you tell me the name of a similar application for Fedora?

I don’t know of one. It may be possible, if you can get the .deb file for it, to convert it to an rpm using ‘alien’ and then install it. Don’t know how that would work with a package I know nothing about.

A bit more searching gave me this site.
which appears better than what I mentioned above.


Well, this should be the only alternative, at least in relation to Unclutter. Thanks.

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Actually that appears to be unclutter, branched and updated.