System clean softs?

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Hello everyone ! I am a new user on Fe2060d40 workS, after testing a few distros. I’m from Win11 (AtlasOS), and I’m so happy I moved to Linux, it’s crazy. Everything works perfectly, games, performance… My laptop suffers less! (Legion Y540, i5 9300f and RTX 2060). I have a question: Under Win11, I used to use Ccleaner. But under Linux, is there any light maintenance required in terms of temporary, orphaned, broken files? Could someone explain to me what is best? Or on the contrary, should I do nothing?

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When you install software using dnf, dependencies and files installed by a package will be removed by dnf when you uninstall it. The only leftovers will be the files in your user’s home directory and any configuration files you have edited, these are mostly harmless but you can delete them manually if you want. I don’t need a system cleaning tool in Fedora, but I only install software from Fedora repositories, if you install software outside the package manager, i.e. by downloading it from the internet and running make install, dnf won’t know about it, so you have to take care of it yourself.


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