Fouled up system by installing + uninstalling Cinnamon

I installed Cinnamon hoping to solve scrollbar and menu issues.

sudo dnf install @cinnamon-desktop-environment

I ended up with blinding cursor issues, making Fedora + Cinnamon unusable with my visual issues, and more clutter in the menus.

sudo dnf remove @cinnamon-desktop-environment

I think I lost Thunderbird. I don’t know what else I have lost. I can see I’ve still gained some clutter in the menus.

How do I get back to before this mess…?

I didn’t have enough working to try backing the system up, but I don’t want to redo accessibility and wifi firmware from scratch.

P.S. I think I could try deleting some of the known extras, and then sudo dnf install @workstation-product-environment and/or sudo dnf install @custom-environment, depending which was the default, might restore what was accidentally deteted.

There are multiple problems described, but it seems the one to attack first is to get you to a usable desktop environment (DE) that you can then use to correct any remaining problems. I recommend that you don’t proceed with installing other mods until we figure out the status of your system now and correct it to usability.

Even after you installed Cinnamon DE, you should have been able to log in to the DE you were using before. Do you still have that option? Or, if you ARE using the DE you had before Cinnamon, which is it? Which theme are you using with that DE? Have you modified it? If so, how?

You mention a ‘blinding cursor.’ Please provide more details about that. Does it occur at all times, just in specific conditions? In some DEs, tweaks can be applied that change the cursor to a variation of the existing theme or to another installed theme. Have you done something to modify the cursor from the DE’s chosen theme? If you can find a setting like ‘return to defaults,’ try that.

Do you have special accessibility requirements? What are they?

Don’t give up. It’s all fixable.


If you remove a group you will remove dependencies from the gnome desktop where both have as dependencies. So this might swiped your Thunderbird away. I’m not sure if just reinstalling cinnamon-desktop-environment solves your problem. Normally removing Thunderbird should not remove your profiles alias settings.

To switch from cinnamon back to gnome, you have to click on the user you want to log in and choose the gear where you can select gnome/cinnamon.
Just after this you have to put the password in.

Just for a next time if you want to test a other spin alias desktop environment, try to do it in a virtual environment or use a pen-drive to avoid bricking your working system.

Would re-installing or upgrading the group Fedora Workstation install the missing packages again? I don’t know, but it could be worth trying.

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I can still log into Gnome. I tried to compare the apps there to the apps on the live usb, they mostly match up.

Use dnf history
Look for inwhich no syntax you install that group cinnamon
You can easily undo that with dnf history undo <no>
Like dnf history undo 69

You should be on a different desktop env while doing this.