Unable to use Bluetooth passkey using QR code

I didn’t get any response on the fedora reddit and I am amazed this is an issue.

I was trying in my new Fedora install to log in to a site using a passkey. In Chromium, I get the QR code to scan with my phone which uses bluetooth and should exchange the passkey auth. However, even when I scan the QR code, it never finds my phone (iPhone). Bluetooth is there.

Interestingly, Linux Mint in a VM when passed through the bluetooth DOES work properly. Anyone know what component might be missing from Fedora vs Linux Mint for this to work?


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Today I started experimenting with passkeys. Using iPhone and experimenting with a google account. Using my laptop, which has Fedora 39 (mate spin). Tried to login to google on laptop, selecting passkey as login method. QR-Code is displayed, which I then scan with iphone.
But no success after sever tries. So I search the internet and this thread is the 1st hit. Bummer, someone else is having the same issue.
Experimented bit more. I notice my phone stating at the bottom of the screen:
“Make sure both devices are connected to the internet and have Bluetooth turned on”

Oh, my phone was not paired with the laptop. So I pair it. Try again. Still does not work.
Try several times, and then on one of the tries, I see the iphone stating it connected to my ipods and immeadately after that the login succeeds!

So I try again. First I disconnect ios BT from computer, enable it and try login. Zilch. Several tries.
Then I disable BT from the phone, try login. This time the phone states that BT is disabled and offers to turn it on. I turn it on, phone finds my AirPods and login immeadately proceeds!
I check from my laptop and phone, nope, the are not connected to eachother!
I repeat this test several times and… Yes, it works. As soon as the BT is on and my AirPods are found, the login proceeds.

I would say, it’s something strange with iPhone, not with fedora.
Now, where can I submit a bug report to apple?

Web search for “apple bug report” lead me to Bug Reporting - Apple Developer which I have used in the past.
I recall you get next to no feedback from them.

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Did everyone miss the part where this works just fine with Linux Mint?

This worked for me too. Thanks!

EDIT: If anybody figures out how to get it working without toggling BT please update

Created also 2267051 – Bluetooth related Issue using passkey with ones mobile phone