Unable to see cursor in "Boxes" app

Hi there,

I am running Fedora 33 on gnomn with a Lenovo X1 Thinkpad…

I am running virtual machine but I am unable to see the cursor when I hover over the desktop that I am working in (the virtual machine).

Basically my cursor is on the machine now but I cannot see it…

Did you install all the updates in your VM and your host?

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I use QEMU/KVM ( the virtual machine manager) and I have no problems with my mouse or keyboard.

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It seems that it is Mint (as guest) specific issue. There is this Reddit link that can help you: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxmint/comments/ii53ob/mouse_pointer_not_visible_while_installing_in/

Basically, you should install spice-vdagent package on Mint. Maybe to use auto-install Boxes feature (the last time I played with Boxes there was possibility to perform automatic installation) and then fully update guest system and install mentioned package.


Sorry, do you mean updates for the VM itself (the app) or the OS running within the VM app (Boxes in this case).

I’ll check that thanks a ton

I meant both (to be sure). I remember having the same issue and running apt-get update and apt-get upgrade fixed it.

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ah right so run that command inside of the VM ?

I should mention I only get this issue with linux mint, not solus or fedora

I had the problem with mint too. The cursor is there but you don’t see it. So try to get the cursor above the terminal icon and click so you open a terminal. Once you have the terminal open it is simple to install the updates and after a reboot you will see the cursor.
I never installed spice-vdagent.