Unable to enable Adwaita-Dark theme

Hi all,

When trying to switch to the Adwaita-Dark theme, I noticed that the dark theme is not working.
My fedora32 is minimally installed, it should be missing dependency package.
Please help if you know, thanks!

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Adwaita-dark

Fedora32 GNOME3 X11

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Thanks for your help, vgaetera.
After installation and reboot, it still doesn’t work.

I referenced this tutorial to install it
The mini-installation steps are used to install CentOS and all functions properly.

Make sure:

  • Run the command from your user account, not root.
  • Don’t use sudo for this command.

Also install the following:

sudo dnf install gnome-themes-extra

Yes, it runs under the dollar prompt without sudo in front.

I found the answer,Install the package “gnome-themes-extra”.

I just ran
sudo dnf groupinfo “GNOME”, and then observe each package.

Thank you so much , vgaetera :innocent: