Adw-gtk3 on Silverblue not detected

TL;DR - I installed the adw-gtk3 theme using its instructions and the option to select it doesn’t show up in GNOME Tweaks.

End goal:

I want to install the adw-gtk3 theme from here and use it on both my system base and layered apps, and my Flatpak apps.

What I’ve tried so far:

I installed GNOME Tweaks as an rpm-ostree layer. Then, I downloaded the tarball as per the instructions in the README, and extracted it to /var/home/.themes. I had to manually create the .themes directory. Then, I installed the flatpak theme modules using the instructions in the README. Finally, I installed the User Themes GNOME extension from Extension Manager. However, the adw-gtk3 and adw-gtk3-dark options do not show up in the drop-down menu like they do on other distros. When I try to set the theme using gsettings it sets the theme to default Adwaita instead, presumably because it did not find the specified theme. I have found that the themes present in Tweaks are located in the /usr/share/themes directory, which is immutable, and I do not wish to make an edit there unless absolutely necessary. The instructions specifically stated that extracting the theme to /usr/share/themes is necessary for applications running as administrator, so I assumed that apps with standard privileges would not need the theme to be there. The instructions also said to extract the theme to ~/.themes in Silverblue instead of ~/.local/share/themes in other distros. I have tried both locations.

Is there something wrong with this post, or am I not receiving replies because no one knows the answer?

I would guess there is nobody to assist.

Silverblue is an immutable OS and requires special handling that is different than that required in almost every fedora spin. I do not use silverblue nor any of the other immutable versions so have no experience with what you are trying, nor any means nor time to experiment with what you suggest and cannot even offer a guess.

Maybe someone else has tried it, but if not then it seems likely you may have to keep experimenting and eventually figure it out.

Sorry I cannot assist.

gnome by defualt don’t reads /var/home/.themes but there is resolution for this:

Install this extension User Themes - GNOME Shell Extensions

If you are beginner and don’t know how to install them
you can install them via

then open app go to browse page and User Themes extension should be first
click install and confirm
after everything adw-gtk3 on /var/home/.themes will work

Installed from the tarball → ~/.local/share/themes

[grumpey@grumpey0 themes]$ ls -la
total 4
drwxr-xr-x. 1 grumpey grumpey  42 Aug  8 20:23 .
drwx------. 1 grumpey grumpey 292 Aug  8 20:58 ..
drwxr-xr-x. 1 grumpey grumpey  36 Aug  3 06:40 adw-gtk3
drwxr-xr-x. 1 grumpey grumpey  36 Aug  3 06:40 adw-gtk3-dark
[grumpey@grumpey0 themes]$

installed gnome-tweaks via rpm-ostree

It’s available in the legacy applications pulldown menu.

I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner. As I mentioned in my post, I have already installed the User Themes extension from Extension Manager. It still does not work, after a reboot.

I have already extracted the tarball into /var/home/.local/share/themes, and verified that any user can access the folder and read the files.

I know the menu it is in, and it does not appear.