Unable to click the Add/Apply button on the VPN settings dialogue

While trying to add vpn after entering vpn details not able to click the ‘Apply’ button. [screenshot attached]

The Apply button not being clickable means a required field is missing. In this case, the Gateway is missing.

Actually No. The Apply button is not showing.

On my system the vpn config screen for openconnect shows this, with the ‘apply’ button labeled Add in the upper right corner.

Your image cuts off both the top and bottom of that panel.

In my 15.6" monitor it is not showing up…configuration should not be displaay area depedant!

That is 100% dependent upon the config of the monitor and the app. Is your default screen 1920x1080 or something else?

The app may specify a specific size for the pop-up window and if the screen is not large enough (pixel-wise) then images may extend off screen. I don’t know first hand of anything that is explicitly larger than would fit on a 1920x1080 screen.

Please provide the link of documention for appropriate screen size of this configuration…

I’m not sure that there are docs for this, but I’ve definitely seen this with other GUI apps as well, where 1920x1080 (aka 1080p) is the general baseline for things. It’s not about how many inches the monitor is but the resolution. Even most mobile phones support 1080p or far better these days.

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It’s awkward but you might be able to rotate your screen into portrait mode using the Control Center, and then you might be able to click the thing.

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yes really awkward :slight_smile:

Please provide the exact resolution(s) your monitor supports. It seems quite likely that unless it is really old you should be able to select a resolution that would display the full screen and not clip both the top and bottom.

Just as a guess, are you by chance running the monitor in a 4x3 resolution mode (which could clip the top and bottom on a 16x9 display)

monitor is set to 16:9 resolution

Resolution would be something like 1920x1080, 1280x720 (both are 16x9 ratio) or something different. 16x9 is not a resolution but rather a screen display ratio [ 16 pixels wide for every 9 pixels high] and tells us nothing about the actual pixel resolution.

You can see exactly what resolution your monitor is currently displaying and what resolutions it supports by going to settings → displays → resolution. The drop listing shows what it can support while the actual setting also shows before you click on the drop arrow.

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Better yet, give us the output of xrandr in a preformatted or code block