Ugly Telegram on Wayland

Hey there,

On Wayland, the Telegram Desktop app window borders and header look totally out of place, is there a way to make it look like it does on Xorg ? I’ve been searching for a solution for this for a long time now but couldn’t find one. Ugly Telegram image bellow:

Flatpak or rpmfusion version?

Default theme (adwaita) or user theme?

I’m assuming you already tried advanced use system window frame?

You should go to (in telegram) to Settings/Advanced → scroll down to “System integration” and check “Use system window frame”
Mine is GTKish on Fedora 35 with Wayland.

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I’m using the rpmfusion version, I have also tried the flatpak one. The option to “Use system window frame” doesn’t appear on Wayland, only with Xorg.

Odd. I have it on Fedora 35, Flatpak and Wayland:

Ooh, and Telegram version 3.2.5

Huh, just tried the Flatpak version and it seems to be fixed. It seems the rpmfusion version is no longer mantained ?