TUXEDO InfinityBook S 17?

Still shopping for a lpatop
Is anyone running Fedora on the TUXEDO InfinityBook S 17?
If so any issues?
Also do you know if there is any duties shipping from Germany to the US?


Do I have to pay taxes or duties for my order?

If you’re outside the EU, we do not charge you for German taxes! They are automatically deducted from our shop-price after your registration and login. You can see this immediately for all products, and again before you place your order during the checkout process!
But be aware that you have to pay your local taxes and duties at the customs office on your side. To know the amount, please ask your customs office.

Best is check with your customs office. It might be that you have different costs depending on the state you live in.

While Tuxedo does officially support Linux you should be aware that what they mean by that is “Ubuntu LTS based distributions” (packages for Tuxedo Control Center and Tomte driver configuration utility). See: Notes on the use of operating systems that are not officially supported - TUXEDO Computers

This doesn’t mean that you can’t run any other Linux distro. It just might require some research online. I have used my Tuxedo Stellaris 15 successfully with Fedora, Endeavour/Arch and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

For Fedora I have used these Copr repos for keyboard backlight and Tuxedo Control Center: