Control Keyboard-Backlight in Tuxedo-Book

im changed before two years from Ubuntu to Fedora and im really impressed with Fedora. Its fast, stable and the Flatpaks are well integrated in the System.
So before some month i bought a German Tuxedo-Book and i installed Fedora.
All works pretty fine, unless the keyboard-backlights. So Tuxedo only supports officially Ubuntu. I searched the Internet for a Fedora-Driver and i found this:
But this doesn’t let me control the backlights.
Actually it crashes something from the System. There came the message “Oops something has crashed”. So i uninstalled this.
Sometimes when i start Fedora, the Backlights are on but it wont get off, only when i get in Hybernate mode and wake the System, its off again and stays off.
But i want some Control-About this. For example when i Dual-Boot in Windows the Backlights are on and only gets off after some time and gets on again when you type something. This is pretty nice, for example i watch a movie and the Backlights are going off and its on when i need to type.

This is my System:
TUXEDO Aura 15 Gen2
Fedora Linux 36 Workstation

I would be appreciative for any help.