Trying out deepin on fedora 31

Hi I installed Deepin desktop from the dnf group into fedora 31. But when i select the deepin DE from gdm and login, i don’t see the dock. I only have the wallpaper. If i right click i can go into Desktop settings and but i cannot enable Window Effect, it shows a message saying it cannot be enabled.

And then when i try to open a app like chrome or gnome terminal i don’t get the header bars with the window title buttons. But for some gtk apps like nautilus the title buttons are there. In my gnome setup i have the title buttons on left hand side. can that be the issue for all these problems ?

Even if i make it to right side, i cannot still drag the chrome window. Please help i really would like to try out the Deeping DE on fedora as my Desktop Manager

dnf search deepin

  1. deepin-dock.i686 : Deepin desktop-environment - Dock module

  2. deepin-dock.x86_64 : Deepin desktop-environment - Dock module

For Window effect et all, please see the output of the command above in your terminal.

PS: Your troubles is among the reasons why people love to stick to defaults.

PS: Desktop Manager is GDM.

When i try to start the dde-dock from terminal i get the following error messages
“dtkwidget” can not find qm files
“dde-dock” can not find qm files

It is same when i try to run dde-desktop

The same issue from 2017. If your really need this particular DE? If i were your, i’ve just picked up the first DE that works. Like how it was in Windows(r) around 10 years back. Desktop icons? Checked. “Start” button? Checked!

Same problem with Fedora31 (update from fedora30) ,deepin works perfect with fedora30

It seems like the two apps that encounter issues are not in the repos. another odd thing is that when you press the Win key then the app lancher still opens, and i have seen the dock just crash in the past