Fedora Deepin 33 with DDE V20?

Hello Fedora Team

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this forum.

I have two doubts:

1º Is there a future forecast or possibility for the Fedora 33 Deepin 15.11 team to upgrade to a new DDE V20 version?

2º I am new to Linux and I only have 3 years of experience and still learning. I had some difficulty entering the forum, but I managed.
When asked to send the yubikey code, the following error message appears:

Unable to get access to a yubikey: <YubiKeyError instance at 0x7f0889996ac0: No YubiKey found>

How do I fix this?

I installed and updated Fedora 33 Deepin 15.11 on VirtualBox and I am learning a lot.

I thank you for your help

Edson Santos