Troubleshooting hardware issue


I’m having a hardware issue on a machine and I can’t get any useful logs out of it.

If i take a look in the logs it doesn’t really show me much, nor does report.

When I try to run mcelog in the terminal I just get

“mcelog: ERROR: AMD Processor family 23: mcelog does not support this processor. Please use the edac_mce_amd module instead.
CPU is unsupported”

I checked to see if the edac_mce_amd module is loaded and it says it is.

Anyone have any clue where I can go from here?

I’m on fedora 38 kernel 6.4.7 (I updated the kernel since taking the screen shot)

Thank you for your time.

Searching the web for that message lead me to this Running `mcelog` on an AMD processor - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

And thats says mcelog is deprecated, you should use rasdaemon instead in an answer from 2018.