Transparent Firefox?

Hello Everyone,

I have a situation where Firefox has just turned transparent. The theme is the same, nothing else has changed. Was there something in the recent update? I would like for it to stay like this, but I’m thinking it’s just a temporary thing with GNOME.

I’m using Fedora Linux 40 Silverblue with GNOME 46. If anyone knows what is causing this, please chime in, so I know what might have caused this.

Thank you.

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None of my other apps are doing this.

That actually looks kind of cool. . .

Have you tried resetting the theme in Firefox ?

Not yet, I’m sure it will revert. Lol. I also believe when I log out, it will no longer transparent. That’s why I was asking what might it be? So, I could keep it this way. My background has changed (every 30 minutes) and it’s still transparent.

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Ah, You’re just showing off now ! Is that a Preying Mantis?

Is this a feature from an application? Could that be part of the issue?

That I don’t know. I went to open a new tab in Firefox and notice the new start page was transparent, then realized the entire the whole page is clear. I haven’t installed any new packages or anything. I do have a GNOME extension that turns all apps clear when moving. But it has never done this. If I open nautilus or the GNOME software center they are not transparent. GNOME terminal is because I have it set to be 50% opate.

Can you temporarily disable this extension, then Log out/ Log In (not shutdown/reboot) ?

Yup, that is a Preying Mantis.

Yes, that what’s I was going to do. Just wanted to enjoy the transparency while I can. I’m sure it will revert. Man, I wish I knew how to keep it this way. It does show Firefox can operate in this state.

So would you like to keep this transparency, Or is this a hindrance to your workflow? I’m confused now ? :laughing:

I found this to a response over on Reddit:

But I didn’t change anything, not unless the theme builder has done something to the theme and Firefox updated it in the background.

I want to keep it. Would be nice to toggle it, but I have to first find out what has cause it to be transparent. I think it’s cool also.

You could check whether it is one of your FF extensions by running firefox --safe-mode.


I’ll try that, thanks.

Okay, follow up,

I closed Firefox and the transparency went away. I then re-opened Firefox and moved it around and the transparency came back. Apparently it’s a GNOME extension name:

Transparent Window Moving

Not sure if its a bug or not with the current version of Firefox, 127.0.02 on Fedora Linux 40 Silverblue.

There is a suggestion for the author to include the functionality of another extension to have it keep the window transparent after moving, but there is no indication that feature has been added.

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If you really want this (for some reason) you could also just use the Blur my Shell extension (which you already seem to be using) and use the app blur setting with the sigma turned all the way down. Keep in mind this will lower the opacity on everything, including text, videos, pictures, etc. It’s not very practical.

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Yes, I’m using Blur My Shell. I like Firefox transparent on some websites, but not all. That’s why I mentioned I wish it was able to toggle off and on.

Thanks, for the response.