Top panel highlighting doesn't work properly

So, when my cursor is not upon those “blocks” they are shown as if I hovered them. Here is a screenshot:

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Same here.

Interesting, I hope it’ll be fixed before the final release.

This is probably the mutter bug.

A PR is already present, see here.
It implements the two fixes from upstream mutter.

You can manually compile the fixed mutter by yourself if you want.

sudo dnf install fedpkg make
cd /tmp
git clone
cd mutter
git checkout -b f36 origin/f36
sudo fedpkg mockbuild # or w/o sudo if in mock group
sudo dnf reinstall results_mutter/42.0/3.fc36/mutter-42.0-3.fc36.x86_64.rpm

Let me know if this works for you.


Yeah, it works. I have done it on my desktop but won’t do that on laptop to see if the fixes’ll be present as an update

Def annoying :slight_smile:

Hopefully a Mutter update is released shortly after 36 lands.

This update was released, today I got it!