Mutter pull request (GUI elements not loosing focus)

Fedora 36 has an annoying bug when GUI elements won’t lose the focus, and there is a ready to go solution here and the question is: will this fix be implemented before the final release of Fedora 36? The experience is smooth except this bug, which feels like itching of eyes when you notice it. Thanks in advance!

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At this point, all fixes going in need to either be classified as a release Blocker (issues that cause the release to fail the release criteria) or a Freeze Exception (nice to have fixes worth the risk of last-minute change.)


And we have a tracker app for the current status:

I see one freeze exception related to mutter on the current list, but it doesn’t seem to be the issue you’ve identified.

That does sound annoying — I don’t think I’ve noticed that problem myself, but maybe my eyes aren’t itchy enough. (Is it a cosmetic problem, or a functional one?) Is it something that could be fixed easily with a post-release (possibly zero-day) update?

Thanks for the detailed answer! The screenshot of that bug can be found here, and the idea was to provide this fix as an update instead of doing it manually. Perhaps, this bug won’t occur on each installation, but my laptop currently has this bug, and, shall we say, it’s hard to unsee it after noticing, although I can manually use a fix as I did with desktop installation, but I am sure there are a bunch of people who noticed it, and are gonna waiting update instead of figuring out how to fix it.