Toolbox image for Rawhide (F34)


I was testing toolbox in a VM (virtual machine) with Fedora Rawhide (which when I created the VM it was Fedora 33) and I realized that the Fedora release has changed. I created a new Rawhide VM and now it says that it’s Fedora 34.

Anyway, I tried to create a toolbox’s container and I couldn’t because there is no official image for Fedora 34 :slightly_frowning_face:

So, I created an unofficial image for Fedora 34, so anyone that is on Rawhide can create new toolbox containers.
I used the same configuration that the official images, but with the new Fedora version.

As the Fedora registry was failing a bit the last weeks, I had created a personal mirror of the official images, so I added the new image there:

You can create a toobox’s container, using this image, with the following:

$ toolbox create --image


$ toolbox create --image --container some-name

I’m sure the new official image will be available soon, but meanwhile, I hope this is useful.

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BTW, if you find yourself without been able to run the command sudo with no password inside the (F34) container, it’s a known bug for Toolbox on Fedora 33 and 34: