Is fedora 34 toolbox still suported?


is the fedora 34 in toolbox of rhel/alma/rocky 9 still up to date?

Or should i change the mirrors to fedora 38?

Fedora 34 as a whole is no longer supported.

You should not upgrade the container from F34 to F38 inside toolbox. Instead, you can create new containers from F38 image.

toolbox create --distro fedora --release f38

This is equivalent to pulling the image with podman:

podman pull
toolbox create --image
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Hello @dev-null3 ,
The official image repo is at Fedora Official Docker Images, and even there they will point to specifying a version number to use a specific Fedora version, even further back in release life than 34. So other than your F34 based Toolbox will not get the latest updates, and there have been other changes between 34 and 38 for instance. You can point Toolbox to specific images instead of just letting it use the latest Fedora. I would say it depends on whether your use of them is still functional.

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Those are different from fedora-toolbox images. I’m not sure they’ll even show up as options in toolbox.

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