To make the navigation better in Fedora Docs

Hello Everyone ! I am Advika Singh, initially I was an Outreachy applicant that was working on asking the design of the Docs page layout better, but now that the contribution period is over , I still want to work on this and want to focus more on navigation to make it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately , I found this discussion a bit late, but better late than never :slight_smile:

Now, currently , for the design I was following (,I was using this information architecture :-

There might be some fields left blank, because I do not understand what terminology should I categorize them as . Some categorizations are also made because , I couldn’t group them with others and were left out. I require your help in them.
Now I understand this is not perfect, hence I want to improve it. I felt this would have made the navigation easier . I have read the different discussions also, however, I feel that there might be terminologies and classifications that a new user or even some old might not be able to understand. So please, I hope that everyone can give feedback on this, so that I can work further on this and make the navigation easier.

This is a 10 Minute experiment , that will help me understand better as the what should go where through the eyes of the people heavily involved .
Kindly take out 10 minutes from your day and fill this !
Thank you!