Time to retire the docs Telegram group?

At some point in the past, our Telegram group was bridged to the IRC channel. This appears to no longer be the case (perhaps as a result of the move from Freenode to Libera?). However, part of the benefit of having a Telegram group bridged to IRC in the first place was that it provided a more user-friendly chat option for folks who didn’t want to use IRC.

Now we have an official Matrix homeserver for Fedora which provides much of the same usability (persistence, rich messages, mobile experience, etc). So I propose we drop the Telegram group in order to keep our conversations together.



+1, I think Matrix fully replaces Telegram, more people seem to use it nowadays, it’s been heavily promoted recently throughout Fedora Project, and splitting users between 2 IRC alternatives seems weird.


I think telegram reduces barrier to entry for anyone new, I certainly was not familiar with nor use IRC outside of Fedora related topics. Anecdotal, but this is pretty common for other writers I know too.

If onboarding docs for new contributors include some resources for getting up to speed with IRC (maybe contextualized for how it’s used by Fedora docs) seems like a win-win :smiley:


Have you tried the new https://chat.fedoraproject.org/? It’s based on Matrix, rather than on IRC. Still not as widespread as Telegram, but also not as arcane as IRC.


+1, too. Not only is Matrix functionally similar, it’s also getting increasingly more dubious with Telegram. We are not exactly in a noble environment there.

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