Primary chat reality - IRC or Matrix?


Communication in Fedora :: Fedora Docs mentions that Matrix is the primary synchronous channel to speak to each other in real time in Fedora. It also mentions that most of these channels are mirrored on IRC at Libera Chat. It seems that this is not the case anymore and probably no channels are mirrored on IRC anymore. I did not notice this right away since I did not use chat recently. There was a discussion in Matrix to (IRC) bridge unavailable - #7 by kevin and Matrix FAQ | Libera Chat states that the bridge is not coming back. I connected to #fedora on Matrix to ask a question and was surprised that there was so little communication. Then I checked #fedora on IRC and it is a lot more activity. So I am wondering, is Matrix really the primary method without the IRC bridge?


The unexpected shutdown of the bridge meant that we never had time to execute a deliberate shift for Matrix primacy. Developer channels have largely moved over on their own, but no explicit effort has been made to move everything else yet, and our documentation is still out of sync with the statement on Matrix primacy in many places.

It is something we actually need to get done, though.


See Issue #463: Deprecating IRC and moving to Matrix as the single official chat platform for the Fedora community - tickets -


I haven’t done any objective measure, but in my experence, matrix is a
good deal more active than IRC, even in #fedora… of course things vary
and sometimes IRC will have a lot of activity and then matrix, etc.

I’m in a lot of irc channels and pretty much the only ones I see much
activity in at all anymore are #fedora, #fedora-social (there’s a community of
folks there that prefer IRC) and #rhel (ditto).


It all depends on each working group/SIGs and where audiences interact most in each team.
Some weekly meetings still carry on in IRC without bridge.

I find Jitsi in Matrix-Element useful for seamless experience of video conference.